Maigret Tend un Piège

France, Italy – 1958 – B&W – 119’

Direction: Jean Delannoy | Screenplay: Jean Delannoy, Rodolphe-Maurice Arlaud, Michel Audiard, Georges Simenon (“Maigret Tend un Piège”) | Cinematography: Louis Page | Editing: Henri Taverna | Music: Paul Misraki | Cast: Jean Gabin, Annie Girardot, Olivier Hussenot, Jeanne Boitel, Lino Ventura, Jean Desailly | Production: Jean-Paul Guibert, Arrigo Colombo, Giorgio Papi 

Four women were brutally murdered. Each has stab wounds and, although their clothes have been torn, they show no signs of abuse. As the famous police inspector Jules Maigret gathers the evidence of the case, he realizes that in order to uncover the man behind these horrific crimes and solve the mystery, he must set a trap for him.

*The film was nominated in three categories at the BAFTA Awards, including Best Film.