La Nuit du Carrefour

France – 1932 – B&W – 75’ 

Direction: Jean Renoir | Screenplay: Jean Renoir, Georges Simenon (“La Nuit du Carrefour”) | Cinematography: Georges Asselin, Marcel Lucien | Editing: Marguerite Renoir | Cast: Pierre Renoir, Georges Térof, Winna Winifried, Georges Koudria, Jane Pierson, Manuel Raaby

Inspector Maigret is called to investigate the mysterious murder of a diamond merchant. It all starts with a stolen car. Later, a strange woman and her sinister husband become the prime suspects. Everyone in this small crossroads-town seems to have something to hide and no one is really who everyone else claims to be.

* This is the first of many films with the hero Inspector Maigret that were transferred to the cinema from the novels of Georges Simenon.