Broken Clew

Greece – 2022 – Color – 21’ 

Direction: Ioannis Symeonidis| Screenplay: Ioannis Symeonidis | Cinematography: Pantelis Tiliakos | Editing: Giorgos Zaras, Dimitris Polidoropoulos | Sound: Artemis Papadaki | Cast: Eva Kotanidis, Eirini Deligeorgi

Ariadne is a woman in her 40's living in a luxurious house in Athens, totally cut off from her family and acquaintances. On an ordinary morning, Ariadne will get out of bed and find that her baby is missing. Her suspicions will fall on her husband, whom she believes is going in and out of her house without her permission. Her baby's governess is also mysteriously absent. Ariadne, worried, decides to contact her sister.