On the Cosy Side

Greece – 1981 – Color – 68’ 

Direction: Takis Spetsiotis | Screenplay: Takis Spetsiotis, N. “E.” Panayiotopoulos | Cinematography: Filippos Koutsaftis | Editing: Despina Maroulakou | Music Supervision: Takis Spetsiotis | Cast: Nikos Bitzanis, Takis Tsantilis | Narration: Konstantinos Tzoumas | Production: Takis Spetsiotis

In a world where everyone is running non-stop, these two young poets, Nikos and Takis, love slowness and laziness, living like lazy, wandering bohemians of earlier times, in the early 60’s in Athens. Later, when the years advance and seasons of decay succeed the halcyon days of their youth, they disappear from the limelight, shrouding in mystery the rest of their lives. *The film has never been broadcasted on Greek television.
*Screened from a new restored digital print.