Romania, France – 2022 – Color – 102’ 

Direction: Alexandru Belc | Script: Alexandru Belc | Cinematography: Tudor Vladimir Panduru | Editing: Patricia Chelaru | Cast: Mara Bugarin, Serban Lazarovici, Vlad Ivanov, Mihai Calin, Andreea Bibiri | Production: Catalin Mitulescu, Emmanuel Quillet, Ruxandra Slotea, Martine Vidalenc | Greek Distribution: Cinobo 

Bucharest, 1972. Ana, 17, dreams of love and freedom. One night, while partying with her friends, they decide to send a letter to Metronom, the musical program that Radio Free Europe broadcasts clandestinely in Romania. It is then that the Securitate, Ceausescu’s secret police, arrives... A film that started several years ago as a documentary and turned into a personal foray into adolescence and into the teenager’s life in a not-so-distant Romania.

*The film won the Best Director Award in the "Un Certain Regard" Section at this year's Cannes Film Festival and the Best International Film Award at this year's Jerusalem Film Festival. Also, the film had its Greek premiere at this year's Thessaloniki Film Festival.