Alice’s Restaurant

USA – 1969 – Color – 111’ 

Direction: Arthur Penn | Screenplay: Arthur Penn, Venable Herndon| Cinematography: J. Michael Nebbia| Editing: Dede Allen| Music: Arlo Guthrie| Cast: Arlo Guthrie, Patricia Quinn, James Broderick, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Michael McClanathan, Geoff Outlaw | Production: Hillard Elkins, Joseph Manduke, Harold Leventhal 

In the late ‘60s, a changing social and political climate inspired a new generation to live outside the mainstream. When an incident at Alice’s Restaurant plays a pivotal role in a young man’s avoidance of the draft, he will consider the small price to pay to keep his freedom and beliefs.  

*Arthur Penn was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for this film.